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A leading manufacturer of different types of hand made floor coverings in India. We have an experience of over 40 years. Latest colors, nice texture, rich look & soothing are the Parameters of our designing. Quality consistency, use of good materials in our product are always a matter of great concern.

We have inhouse designing and production from traditional aubussan, persian and then era of modern, contemporary, colour and texture, prominent designs, we adhere to all the changes every time it is needed. We are associated and active in all social programmes as well. No child labour are used in manufacturing of our carpets. Affiliated to Rug Mark foundation, Care and Fair, Step foundation etc. The organizations who take care of well being of our weavers artisans and children in regard to health, education and the living as a whole.

Collections of various styles, numerous color ways, different textures, timely supply of ordered goods, consistent quality and great value for your money are our speciality.



Mr. Ashwini Baranwal

Joined the company in 1991. Since then working influentially for high quality production, marketing, design & color developments and overall supervision and co-ordination in the factory.

Mrs. Shalini Baranwal

An expert in wool & woollen yarn used in our carpets. Has as an experience of 7 years in woollen yarn industry and so it helps to use the best woollen yarn at the competitive prices to make our carpets better and most reasonable. Creates design & color, modern style carpets which are very much in demand these days for all the markets